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Virginia Huguenot Society Spring Meeting, March 30, 2019

Walkerton Tavern Museum - site of our Spring meeting. We were the first group to use the facility as a meeting place.

Council members hard at work!

Our members enjoying friendships & good food.

More members enjoying the luncheon & fellowship.

Our speaker, John Grady, gave a lively and interesting talk on Rev. James Maury, a Huguenot refugee.

Past President Gerald Runyan receives the President's Award for service to the Society - a wonderful handmade plaque.

Newly elected Officers for the 2019-2020 term.

The Council meets to consider the funding of the Washington painting & routine matters

At our Fall meeting The Society agreed to fund the conservation of the William D. Washington painting “Attack on the Huguenots” which is on display at the Preston Library on the grounds of VMI.

Members of the Council deliberating

Council members deliberating

Our attentive & gracious hosts for the day, the Dickersons

Members participating in the proceedings

All listening attentively to the discussions

The buffet lunch was excellent and the meeting was enjoyed by all

Past President Gerald Runyan was recently in Dublin, Ireland and happened across this well maintained Huguenot Cemetery

Gate & Marque to the Huguenot Cemetery in Dublin, Ireland

Description of the cemetery on Plaque from French Government

Note the shrubbery in the shape of a Huguenot Cross

Well maintained burial sites

View through the gate of burial sites

List of names of the Huguenots interred within the Cemetery

James Monroe's birthday commemoration at the Hollywood cemetery in Richmond, April 28th, 2018

James Monroe's birthday commemoration at the Hollywood cemetery in Richmond. Army Color Guard

The Army Band played for the commemoration ceremony

Past President Runyan says a few words upon presenting our wreath at the ceremony

John March, Gerald Runyan, & Louis March with our wreath after the ceremony in front of Monroe's tomb - often called the Birdcage

Mike Lyman - one of our esteemed members also in attendance

Louis March presents the VHS wreath at the commemoration of James Monroe’s Birthday at his birthplace in Westmoreland County, April 21, 2018

Council meets at Hanover Tavern June 29th, 2017

Hanover Tavern

Council meets for lunch at Hanover Tavern to set the plans, projects, & programs for the coming year.

The Virginia Huguenot Society participated in the commemoration of the 259th birthday of our 5th President, James Monroe, on April 28th, 2017 at the grave site in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA.

Tomb of James Monroe, also known as the “Birdcage”. Our VHS wreath to the far left with light blue ribbon.

Some of the crowd including another member of the VHS in attendance, Mike Lyman.

The Army was in full regalia for the ceremony!

Gerald Runyan offered greetings to the assembly from The Virginia Huguenot Society after presenting our wreath.

Louis T. March & Gerald Runyan attended the ceremony representing the VHS.

Former Governor Gilmore was among the many dignitaries who spoke at the ceremony.

The Virginia Huguenot Society held its Spring Meeting at the Restaurant Pomme in Gordonsville on March 25th, 2017.

President Runyan welcomes our newest member, Joyce Collier, with her Certificate.

Ann Darst receives the President's Service Award for dedicated service to the Society. Congratulations to Ann.

Carla Odom receiving the President's Service Award. Congratulations Carla for many jobs well done.

President Runyan & our guest speaker Col. Keith Gibson of VMI. He spoke on the William D. Washington painting "Attack on the Huguenots" which is on display at the VMI Museum.

Incoming officers take the oath of office.

Outgoing President & incoming President exchange gifts.

Some of the members enjoying the Fellowship Time.

The Virginia Huguenot Society met on October 29th 2016 for our Day of Remembrance meeting.

The Council enjoying their work & planning for the future.

Members enjoying the social time.

Ann & Nancy discuss old & new times.

President Gerald Runyan presents new member Constance with her Certificate.

President Runyan presents new member Kathryn with her Certificate of Membership.

Dr. Erin Lambert of the University of Virginia spoke on the "Origins of the Reformation".

Some of our members enjoying the luncheon.

[Click on the image to see the first few pages of the book].

Del and Nancy research old books by and about early Huguenots in Virginia.

The Virginia Huguenot Society Fall meeting was held on October 31, 2015 at the Dogwood Villages in Orange, Virginia.

The Council working on future plans for the Society.

Council members taking a break....

President Runyan presenting new member Louis March his certificate.

Our membership enjoying a delicious buffet luncheon.

Our speaker Nancy Stetz from Ashlawn-Highland speaks on James Monroe.

Good fellowship and food!

We are family friendly too!

President Gerald Runyan, his son & member Christopher and their families visit the French Reformed Church in London.

French Huguenot Church in Soho Square, London England. Gerald Runyan, Bette, son Christopher & family visited this site in July.

Gerald & Christopher at the French Reformed Church.

Gerald & Bette in front of Church, building put up in 1893.

Plaque over front door reads - To the Glory of God & in Grateful Memory of H.M. Edward VI who by His Charter of 1550 Granted Asylum to the Huguenots from France.

The Virginia Huguenot Society participates in a grave marking ceremony marking the graves of two Patriots of the Revolutionary War

Ware Episcopal Church, site of the grave markings on June 20, 2015.

Rector of the Ware Church gives the Invocation.

VHS wreath along with others presented at the ceremony.

Nine wreaths were presented, our wreath presented by W. Walker Ware (center).

Walker Ware, Sherron Ware, & Gerald Runyan after the ceremony with our wreath.

The Virginia Huguenot Society at Lowery's in Tappahannock, VA March 28th, 2015

Induction of new officers for 2015 - 2017

Warm camaraderie & a fine luncheon at Lowery's

New members enjoying the meeting

Old friends catch up...

Our speaker Minor Weislger, Coordinator of Archives at the Library of Virginia

Minor's talk was interesting and held everyone's attention.

President Paul Morrisette thanks Minor for his excellent presentation.

The Virginia Huguenot Society Fall Meeting at the Commonwealth Club, October 25, 2014


Memorial Ceremony at Ware Episcopal Church Cemetery, May 3, 2014

Gerald Runyan, Vice President of the Virginia Huguenot Society of Virginia, presents a wreath at a memorial service for Patriots of the Revolutionary War and Defenders of the War of 1812. One of the Defenders was Captain Catesby Jones who was of Huguenot descent.

There were a number of wreath presenters at the ceremony. Gerald Runyan of the Virginia Huguenot Society is third from the left.

Fifes & Drums participated.

Musket Salute for the Patriots & Defenders.

The Virginia Huguenot Society Spring Meeting at Restaurant Pomme, Gordonsville, VA, March 29, 2014


President Morrisette and the Rev. Michael Stone.


Our Speaker, Rev. Michael Stone gave a lively & informative presentation on the Manakin Huguenots.


President Morrisette presents newest member Walker Ware with his Rosette.


Members enjoying the congenial company found at the Virginia Huguenot Society.


Old & new friends and family meet at the Spring Meeting.


Jackson & friends catch up before the wonderful meal.


Chef Gerard welcomes early arrivers to the Restaurant Pomme in Gordonsville.

Virginia Huguenot Society Council meets at the Graves International Gallery, March 29, 2014


Treasurer Del Agee gives his report at the Council meeting.


President Paul Morrisette and officers at work.

Memorial Service at Henricus Park, March 22, 2014


Color Guard at the Henricus Settlement Park.


The memorial to the victims. Granite marker unveiled on March 22, 2014. About a dozen heritage societies were at he ceremony sponsored by the Society of Colonial Wars.


Gerald Runyan, VP of the Virginia Huguenot Society presents our wreath at a commemoration & marker unveiling for the victims of the March 22, 1622 Indian attack on the  Henricus Settlement. Our member Dave Ware in foreground.


The Virginia Huguenot Society's new wreath for presentation at memorials & ceremonial events.


Dave Ware and friends.


Carla Odom giving Registrars report.


Welcoming one of our new members - Dave Ware.


Jackson Darst introduces our speaker.


Frances Pollard, Librarian of the Virginia Historical Society, gave an informative and enjoyable program describing the various collections at the Society.


President Morrisette and council hard at work. Commonwealth Club October 26, 2013.


Old and new friends.


Enjoying the fellowship hour.


Good to catch up with old friends.


Enjoying a fine lunch.


Members enjoying fellowship at the Spring 2013 meeting at Lowery's Restaurant in Tappahanock, VA


Speaker Robert Odom and President Elane Strange.


The new officers and council members March 2013.


Officers and Council Members at the Commonwealth Club Richmond, VA October 2012.


President Elane Strange & speaker Del Agee.

March 24, 2012 meeting of the Society was held at the Olivet Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville.


Some of our folks enjoying the fellowship.


President Elane Strange, new member David LeGrande, and Registrar Dennis Fritts.

Elane Strange, left, current president of the Virginia Huguenot Society, chats with speaker Wilma Sharp at the Society's October 29, 2011 meeting in Richmond at the Commonwealth Club.  Ms. Sharp spoke on "Suzanne Rochet Michaux--Her Life."


The Society's spring meeting will be March 31, 2012, at Olivet Presbyterian Church outside Charlottesville.

President Wilkinson at the lectern, 3/26/11 meeting at Ford's Colony, Williamsburg, Va.

Officers are sworn in, Spring 2011 meeting, Ford's Colony.

Dr. and Mrs. T. C. Dickerson, Mr. Roger Strange, Spring 2010 meeting, James River Country Club.

President Carla Odom and friends, Spring 2006 meeting, Olivet Presbyterian Church, Charlottesville, Va.

President Wilkinson conducts Council meeting, Fall 2010 meeting, The Commonwealth Club, Richmond, Va.

The Commonwealth Club, Richmond, Va., site of many meetings.